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Behind the Flame: The Unauthorized Story of Gas Guy
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll print it out and put it on your fridge.

Truth be told, the life of Georgia's favorite and only spokesflame isn't all glamour and glitz. Sure, now he's used to the fame that comes with serving nearly half a million Georgians – evenings with the Governor, cameos at sporting events, paparazzi snaps at all the hot spots, but the saga of Gas Guy is a deeper story of humble beginnings, unbridled ambition, and, of course, hard work.

Gas Guy: The Unauthorized StoryIt was a cold New Year's day when Georgia native Sarah Branson's pilot light flickered once… then a second time… And before long the Bransons had a bouncing baby blue flame on their hands. Right then and there, they knew they had something very, very special.

Right from the first flicker, Gas Guy was busy cooking hot meals for his family, and keeping the old homestead toasty warm in the winter. Even then, it was clear that TrueBlue natural gas was his passion, and the TrueBlue fire of service ran through his veins. From the moment he had his very first therm stand out in front of his family home, Gas Guy knew his destiny - spreading warmth to all people who lived in the state he loved so much.

Gas Guy's flame grew brighter as the years passed. In his teens, he was the life of his high school, quarterbacking the football team to three state championships (He missed his freshman season due to a manufacturing problem with his "custom" helmet), while hosting pep rally blue bonfires like no one had ever seen. After graduating at the top of his class, Gas Guy yearned for more. Always interested in the world outside his home state of Georgia, his thirst for knowledge took him to faraway places to learn the arts, the finer points of cuisine (he studied at Le Cordon "Blue" in Paris), and ancient philosophies. During these years of exploration, Gas Guy's name has been permanently etched in many a small country's lore.

Then, one day, the inevitable happened. Gas Guy longed for his home state, and his true calling: sharing his breadth of worldwide knowledge and spreading warmth and clean energy to all Georgians.

And so the story of Gas Guy and GNG began. They were, shall we say, a match right from the start: Gas Guy, with Georgia roots, infinite wisdom, unmatchable skills in just about anything you can imagine, and Georgia Natural Gas® - the state's leading natural gas provider and dedicated servant of the people.

Honestly, it's hard to imagine one without the other. After all, There's Only One.®

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