CSASecure® Program

Reducing costs in Multifamily Communities. Yet another way we look out for you.

Take control with a new solution that reduces your cost and saves your staff hours of work and frustration. Enroll in CSASecure® program today. But first, let us answer some of your questions.

What is the CSASecure® Program?
CSASecure®, brought to you exclusively by Georgia Natural Gas, is a simple, proven solution that is more effective and requires far less time and effort than the traditional methods you've been using. CSASecure® enhances cost recovery, reduces liability and minimizes the need for time-consuming collections. Best of all, it may decrease your operating expenses and ultimately may increase cash flow. CSASecure® uses BluTrend's proprietary Utility Theft Protection (UTP) monitoring technology to minimize the hassles and wasted time in dealing with residents who don't switch their natural gas accounts in a timely manner.

How does it work?
CSASecure® is an automated, easy-to-use solution that protects your assets throughout the entire resident lease. It allows you to:

  • Automate monitoring and track your portfolio
  • Identify and stop resident utility misuse
  • Limit liability by allowing you to arrange to disconnect violators quickly with just a click
  • Save at move-in, mid-lease turnover and move-out
  • Reduce the cost of resident utility misuse and collections

When residents do not place their natural gas account in their name, how much is it costing you?
When residents in your multifamily communities do not accept responsibility for their utility costs, the impact on your profits may be greater than you think. Owners often don't know the full financial impact on their profits, or they think they are recovering most of the cost. But tracking residents' actions related to utilities is difficult. Costly staff time is often wasted trying to recover lost dollars.

How does this situation occur?
For property owners whose communities use natural gas, continuous service agreements (CSAs) are designed to help owners easily maintain natural gas service when a rental unit becomes vacant. But CSAs can invite a situation where the natural gas account associated with a unit remains in the landlord's name. This occurs when:

  • A resident moves in without switching the natural gas account into his or her own name
  • When the resident closes the account prior to moving out and the bill becomes the responsibility of the landlord

Advantages of CSASecure® vs. Current Recovery Methods
CSASecure® will:

  • Issue a proactive notification of violators - system automatically notifies residents of violations and pending disconnects
  • Limits liability to a few days by allowing your staff to identify and disconnect violators quickly
  • Easy disconnect - After initial setup, only requires an online click to disconnect a unit
  • Includes violation protection - use of disconnect limits violations to just a few days
  • Easy to identify residents who do not switch - average time to identify a resident who does not switch after moving can be done within a few days of the move-in date
  • Easy to identify residents who disconnect before they move out - the program identifies residents who switch the natural gas into your name within 24 hours of their request

Don't Wait. Start Saving Today!
For more information or to sign up for CSASecure® and other Signature Services provided by Georgia Natural Gas, contact Michael Presto at 404-685-4053.

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