Interruptible Customers

Do you have an alternative fuel source as a backup? SouthStar Energy Services focuses on unique needs of interruptible customers.

Large commercial or industrial customers that can interrupt consumption of natural gas during periods of peak demand may qualify for a discounted rate as an interruptible customer.

We serve interruptible customers under the name SouthStar Energy Services in all areas in Georgia where we do business.

Companies are eligible for this type of service based on volume thresholds that are established by utility tariffs, which can vary dramatically by utility. Back-up systems are required.

If you are interested in finding out whether you qualify to be an interruptible customer, or if you simply want more information, please see the SouthStar Energy Services Web site.

Need to stop your service?

If you are currently a SouthStar interruptible customer, we're happy to serve you. If you have questions about your account or your natural gas service, contact your following energy expert:

  • Laura McDonald (for metro Atlanta, Rome, and other areas in northwest Georgia)
    Metro Atlanta Area - 770-321-6462
    Outside Metro Atlanta - 1-888-442-7288

  • Lex Bailey (for Savannah, Valdosta, Macon and Athens)
    Within Savannah Area -
    Outside Savannah - 1-888-442-7288

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