Multifamily Owners & Managers

Many residents to please. Only one natural gas provider needed.

The multifamily formula is simple: Make your residents happy, and they stay with you. Hassle-free natural gas service is one big part of the equation. Not only will your residents find peace of mind with Georgia's leading natural gas provider, but the service we provide to both them and you will keep everyone happy for years to come.

Owners and managers throughout Georgia who want the very best for their multifamily communities depend on Georgia Natural Gas® for several very good reasons:

  • Dedicated Multifamily Support - Our specially trained customer care team is focused solely on the needs of multifamily property owners and managers. Plus, your community will enjoy the attention of a dedicated multifamily account manager.
  • Resident choice - Residents can choose their own GNG price plans to fit their individual needs.
  • Web-based enrollment - GNG provides a customized Web-based enrollment system that lets your residents choose a price plan online and also sign up for other services.
  • Asset Protection - With CSASecure®, a GNG exclusive service. GNG can ease your workload and increase your profit potential by preventing natural gas loss in your communities.

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For more information on the services we provide for multifamily property owners and managers, contact our multifamily representative.

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1-888-442-7288 x 4053 (outside Atlanta)