National Accounts

Expertise. Innovation. Commitment to the future. And that's just from your gas company.

As a business owner or manager for a national company with multiple sites, you know that a shared mindset is crucial for your company's overall success. So then, isn't it time you teamed up with a natural gas provider that thinks the same way you do?

Expertise like no other

At Georgia Natural Gas®, natural gas is our only business. Period. No side jobs or other ventures to distract us. Providing only one service allows us to focus on innovative ways to provide natural gas so it's tailor-made to meet your needs.

Contact Information

Whether you are an existing GNG national account or you're interested in finding out more about us, contact our national accounts representative:

Matt Schlosser
Sales Manager, Business to Business Markets
404-685-4026 (inside metro Atlanta)
1-888-442-7288 x 4026 (outside Atlanta)

Gas Guy: Your business. That's our business too.

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