Your gas meter is generally read on a regularly scheduled basis by AGLC. Typically, the time between meter readings (called “service periods”) is 27-33 days. As long as your service period is within that normal range, we will charge you your Guaranteed Bill amount regardless of how much gas you use that month. However, sometimes other factors, such as when you start new service with us, can cause your service period to be fewer than 27 days (or greater than 33 days). If your service is fewer than 27 days we will not charge your full Guaranteed Bill plan amount – that wouldn’t be fair. Instead, we will prorate your bill to reflect your actual service period. In addition, your bill will be adjusted if your service period is greater than 33 days. The prorated amount is calculated by dividing your Guaranteed Bill plan charge by 30 days and then multiplying that figure by the number of days in your service period. Do not be alarmed if your first bill is prorated.

For example (shown below): If a customer has a Guaranteed Bill amount of $60, and their service period is only 15 days, we will take $60, divide by 30 days and multiply by 15 days of the service period. The prorated amount will be $30. If we prorate your bill, we will add a message to your bill to notify you.