Reading your bill for the Guaranteed Bill plan from Georgia Natural Gas® is easy. Every month, you are billed the same Guaranteed Bill Charge, regardless of how much gas you used that month, even in the coldest months of the year!

The back of your bill shows all the normal components of your bill. Here are the unique portions of the Guaranteed Bill (Move your mouse pointer over the blue text below for an explanation of each charge):

Price Per Therm N/A
We do not use a price per therm to calculate your bill. Your Guaranteed Bill Charge is the same every month.
$63.60Previous Balance
Previous Balance
This is the amount that GNG asked you to pay on your prior month's bill.
63.60 CRPayments Received
Payments Received
This is the amount you paid.
$0.00Balance Brought Forward
Balance Brought Forward
This is any unpaid balance that remains from your last GNG bill. If you paid GNG exactly what you were asked to pay on your last bill, this amount will be $0.

Current Gas Service Charges

60.00Guaranteed Bill Charge*
Guaranteed Bill Charge
This is the amount that you will be charged under the Guaranteed Bill plan. This amount includes your AGLC Base Charge and all customer service and gas charges. Sales tax and other one-time fees and charges will be listed separately. For more information on prorated bills click here.
3.60Sales Tax

63.60Total Current Gas Service Charges

Thank you for being our customer and choosing the Guaranteed Bill Plan. For details on how to read your bill, please visit our website,
*Guaranteed Bill Charge includes an AGLC Base Charge of $24.80 and all customer service and gas charges.
AGLC Base Charge
This amount is your actual AGLC Base Charge, which are costs that are passed through directly from Atlanta Gas Light Company.
$63.60Total Amount Due
Total Amount Due
This is the amount you must pay which includes all charges and any balance brought forward if applicable.


My bill is not for the Guaranteed Amount. Why?

Several factors can change the total amount of your Guaranteed Bill. However, most variances are due to:

One time charges, such as connection fees, late payment fees, or NSF fees.

A prorated bill, due to an unusually short or long service period. Click here for more information about proration.

Sales tax.

Past due or credit balances.

If you still have questions about your bill, please contact GNG and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

Why is my bill higher in the summer than I am used to?

With the Guaranteed Bill plan, your charge does not change throughout the year. Therefore, it will be higher in the summer than you are used to. But, more importantly, it will be lower than you are used to in the winter. Even if the weather is extremely cold, your Guaranteed Bill Charge will not change.

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