It's no secret that natural gas rates go up and go down. Now there's an easy way to protect yourself when rates go up, while reaping the benefits of lower rates when they go down. Introducing the Price Protection Guarantee, only from Georgia Natural Gas® (GNG). It's a Signature Service that takes today's Variable Select price per therm and guarantees that you will not pay a higher price per therm for 12 months.

How It Works

  • Sets a ceiling for your variable price per therm equal to the current Variable Select price
  • GNG Signature Service Charge of Only $0.99 per month for residential customers ($1.99 for commercial)
  • Lasts for 12 months, without a contract
  • Guarantees you won't pay more per therm than today, even if rates* go up
  • If rates* go down, so does your price per therm
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How does the Price Protection Guarantee work?

When you sign up for the Price Protection Guarantee, a maximum rate* (price ceiling) is established for the 12 months. If rates* go up, your rate won't. But if rates* go down, your rate will, too.

How much does it cost?

Residential customers will pay GNG Signature Service Charge of just $0.99 a month to get the assurance of not paying a penny more if rates* go up, and enjoy full savings of lower rates when rates* drop.  For non-contract commercial customers, the monthly price is just $1.99.

Who can participate in the Price Protection Guarantee?

Any residential or non-contract commercial customers on GNG's Variable Select price plan (the standard variable plan) who are in good standing can add the Price Protection Guarantee to their account.

What happens if rates* go up?

If rates* in the future months go higher than today's rate, you'll only pay today's rate for up to 12 months - that's one benefit of adding the Price Protection Guarantee.

What happens if rates* go down?

If rates* in future months go down, you'll automatically pay the lower rate. And that can add up to big savings!

Is there a contract or agreement when I sign up for GNG's Price Protection Guarantee?

No contract or agreement is required. It is a service that you may cancel at any time without penalty.

What is the cancellation charge?

There is no cancellation charge or penalty for removing the Price Protection Guarantee from your account.

How is the Price Protection Guarantee different from a fixed price plan?

The Price Protection Guarantee is a service that can accompany your Variable Select plan, and it does not require a contract.  If rates* go up or down, your rate does not- you are "locked in" with the rate you agreed to pay at the beginning of the contract. A fixed price plan does require a contract and sets a fixed price per therm for the duration of the contract. In addition, fixed price plans have an early termination charge should you choose to end your contract before the expiration date.

Why is GNG offering this service?

Many GNG customers love the flexibility that comes with a variable price plan and want to continue enjoying the savings when the rates* go down, but they also want to be protected against rising rates, particularly in the winter months when their usage is higher. The Price Protection Guarantee gives you the benefits of both flexibility and protection.

I am a residential GNG Customer, but am not currently on the Variable Select price plan. May I add the Price Protection Guarantee?

At this time, the Price Protection Guarantee is only available to customers in good standing on the Variable Select plan. However, you should call our Customer Care team to find about your options.

I am a residential GNG Variable Select plan customer on Budget Billing. Am I eligible to add the Price Protection Guarantee Signature Service?

Yes, you may add the Price Protection Guarantee.

I am a Small Business GNG Customer. May I add the Price Protection Guarantee service, and how much does it cost?

If you are not under a contract and are a Variable Select price plan customer in good standing, you certainly can, and the cost is just $1.99 per month.

I still don't get it...can you explain a little more?

Gladly. The natural gas market is complex, and we do our best to make it simple and easy to understand for our customers.

With a variable price plan, the rate (also call the “therm rate”, “per-therm rate”, or “price per therm”) you pay each month can fluctuate as market conditions change.  Dropping rates are great for variable price plan customers, but rising market rates can create worry and are difficult to predict and budget for.  When you sign up for Price Protection Guarantee with GNG, – the variable rate* in effect at the time you sign up becomes your "cap" or "ceiling" for the next 12 months; your rate can go down, but it cannot go above that rate.

Rate*- Price per therm for GNG standard variable price plan