Budget Billing Plan

Georgia Natural Gas® designed the Budget Billing Plan to make your monthly payments for gas service more uniform throughout the year. If you are currently on the plan, or if you are considering enrolling in it, here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the Budget Billing Plan.

How does the Budget Billing Plan work?
GNG establishes a monthly budget payment based on factors such as your estimated cost of gas service over 12 billing cycles. In colder winter months, when gas bills typically are higher, customers on the plan usually underpay their monthly gas charges. In the summer months, when gas bills typically are lower, customers on the plan pay more than their monthly gas usage. At least once a year, GNG calculates the difference between the budgeted amount you paid and your actual usage for that period. This difference, called a variance, can either be a credit, where you paid more than the cost of the natural gas you used, or a debit, where you paid less than the cost of the natural gas you used during the specified time period.

How is my budget payment calculated?
Factors included in calculating your new budget payment amount are estimated gas usage for the next 12 months, anticipated gas prices, weather and other charges that will appear on your bill. GNG also uses your variance – or the difference between what you paid on the plan and your actual gas charges – as one factor in calculating your new monthly payment for the next budget period.

How does GNG calculate the monthly amount if I am a new GNG customer or if I've been a customer for less than a year?
If you're a new GNG customer or you've been with GNG less than six months and you enroll in the Budget Billing Plan, GNG estimates your monthly gas consumption based on where you live in Georgia, the size of your home, and the types of gas appliances you use. If you've been a GNG customer at least six months, we use your actual gas consumption during those months, plus a "typical customer" gas consumption for the rest. Each estimate is included with the other factors listed above to calculate your budget payment.

Can I pay GNG my debit variance all at once so my budget payment won't change?
No. GNG uses the variance to calculate your monthly budget payment for the next 12 billing cycles.

If I have a credit variance, will GNG refund my variance?
If you continue on the Budget Billing Plan, GNG will use the variance when calculating your new monthly payment. To receive a refund for your variance, you must no longer be on the plan. If you cancel your Budget Billing Plan or if your account becomes past due, your account will go through a true-up process on your next month's bill. After that, if you have a credit variance, GNG will send you a refund in full upon request.  Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for processing.

May I use my credit variance to offset the current amount due on my bill?
No. Your full budget payment is due each month by the due date. If you still have a credit variance when your budget amount is recalculated, GNG uses that variance when calculating your new payment.

Why would GNG cancel a customer's Budget Billing Plan?
Payments must be posted to a customer's account by the due date shown on the bill. If a budget payment is posted after the due date, GNG will cancel the Budget Billing Plan, and the customer will owe all charges in full, including any debit variance. Also, GNG will cancel the Budget Billing Plan if a customer does not pay the entire monthly budget amount in full.

How do I sign up for Budget Billing?
To enroll on Budget Billing, please call our Customer Care Center at 770-850-6200 (inside metro Atlanta) or 1-877-850-6200 (toll-free outside metro Atlanta). We are open 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturdays.

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