Just for Movers

10 Helpful Tips for a Stress-Free Move

  1. Create a "move file" before you begin: This will help you keep track of all moving estimates, receipts, appointments and other paperwork related to your move.
  2. Find a reputable moving company and obtain a written estimate: Talk to friends and family for mover references. Make sure the company is licensed.  Also, check with the local Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no outstanding complaints.
  3. Use your move as an excuse to clean: Now's the time to sort through all your old belongings. There's no point in moving things from one basement or attic to another. Call local charities such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army to donate. You also may qualify for tax benefits.
  4. Take your valuables with you: Don't pack anything irreplaceable, such as photos, art, jewelry, etc. Take it with you in your car.
  5. Keep track of your inventory slip and registration number: While most people are honest, it's still a good idea to double-check all notations on your inventory list with the movers. You'll also want to keep your registration number with you in case there's a delay in the shipping.
  6. Review your insurance: Check your homeowner's policy to ensure adequate mover's coverage, and be sure to have your insurance information readily available. Hopefully, you won't have to use it!
  7. Take bedding with you: You could be in for a long night, so be sure to take extra sheets and blankets with you in case you arrive before your moving truck does.
  8. Supervise the work: It's your home, so let the movers know what you want loaded first and last, and notify the movers of any special handling requests.
  9. Pack some snacks: Moving is never easy, so come prepared with pre-packed snacks or a meal. It'll prove to be much easier than running out for food in the midst of the move.
  10. Moving yourself? If you're moving yourself, be sure you have plenty of dependable "friends" to help, and reserve the right size truck ahead of time.
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