Just for Movers

Staying in Georgia? So are we.

Moving across town? Across the state, perhaps? Well, whether it's a short trip or a longer one, any move has its share of hassles. Lucky for you, it just so happens we're in the hassle elimination business. We can help smooth out the details of helping you transfer your Georgia Natural Gas® service. Not a GNG customer yet? Click here to see why we're the best choice.

If you're already a GNG customer, chances are good that you will move to another Georgia location where we can continue serving you. (If you're not sure if you are relocating to an area GNG serves, give us a call.) To transfer service to your new location, you must notify us at least 10 business days before your move by calling our Customer Care Center at 770-850-6200 (inside metro Atlanta) or 1-877-850-6200 (toll-free outside Atlanta) Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

When you call, you can specify when you want gas service disconnected at your current residence. If you are currently on a fixed price plan, please note that you can take your current fixed price with you when you move to an area that is served by Georgia Natural Gas. To review your options for variable and fixed rate price plans, click here. (To review GNG's Terms and Conditions of Service, click here.)

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We're the state's leading natural gas provider.

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