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Pay the same bill amount every month, regardless of changes in weather or natural gas prices. It’s a weatherproof plan designed for peace of mind.

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Receive a Bill Credit of $12.50 for 12 months or $25 Visa Reward Card

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Commercial Natural Gas for Business

Receive a Bill Credit of $12.50 for 12 months or $25 Visa Reward Card

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Pay the same monthly bill amount for total peace of mind.

What is Guaranteed Bill?

A monthly bill amount that won't change, regardless of changes in natural gas rates or weather, even in winter.

This isn't your typical budget billing or levelized plan where you run the risk of getting hit with a hefty bill if you use more gas than expected in the cold weather. With our Guaranteed Bill plan there is no settlement or deferred amount to pay at the end of your plan term. It’s simply a great way to control your natural gas costs with no surprises.

How is it different from other bill options?

Some providers offer “budget billing,” but if you use more gas than expected, they’ll typically charge you the difference at the end of the year.

With Guaranteed Bill, you pay a flat monthly amount and there’s no deferred payment at the end of your plan term.

That means you pay the same flat bill amount for 6 or 12 months.

Guaranteed Bill Plan

How does it compare to other plans?

Some people confuse "Fixed Price" plans with the "Guaranteed Bill" plan. The primary difference is that with a fixed price plan only the rate, or price per therm, is fixed. That means your monthly bill amount will fluctuate as your gas usage does. This generally causes winter bills to spike during cold weather months.

The price per therm on a variable price plan may change or stay the same each month, and customers on these plans may also endure a spike on their wintertime bills due to higher gas usage or potentially higher prices.

Guaranteed Bill is a flat monthly bill amount tailored to your premises. It provides you with security and protection against potentially increasing gas bills when the weather turns cold. You won’t have to worry about fluctuations in natural gas prices either.

How is it calculated?

We estimate how much gas you’ll use over 6 or 12 months based on past usage at your premises, adjusted to account for weather. We then consider expected natural gas prices and other costs and market considerations, including:

  1. Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGLC) Base Charges
  2. GNG Customer Service Charges
  3. Gas Charges

We take the total amount and divide by 6 or 12 to determine your Guaranteed Bill amount.
Your Guaranteed Bill amount does not include taxes or one-time charges such as connection charges or late fees. GNG will prorate the Guaranteed Bill Charge for non-standard service periods (those fewer than 27 days or longer than 33 days).

If you are already a Guaranteed Bill Customer and wish to know what your early termination charge is, please refer to the disclosures included in your welcome package, or call GNG Customer Care.

How to Read My Bill » FAQs »

Enrollment eligibility, price plan availability and actual customer service charge, deposit requirement, price per therm and actual Guaranteed Bill amount are subject to GNG’s credit and payment policies. See for price plans and customer service charge ranges. Guaranteed Bill amount does not include prorated service periods, taxes or one-time charges, which may include connection or late charges. All price plans are subject to GNG’s terms and conditions of service.

Eligibility for the Guaranteed Bill plan and the actual Guaranteed Bill amount are subject to a credit approval process. The estimate is valid only for the specified address at the time of request and is subject to change.