Thank you for your enrollment application and for continuing to be a loyal customer of Georgia Natural Gas and Delta Air Lines. Look on future SkyMiles statements to see the miles you're earning by being a GNG customer. As long as you remain in good standing with GNG, you'll earn one mile for every dollar paid on your gas bill (excluding sales tax).

If you are currently past due on the GNG account that you are attempting to enroll in GNG's SkyMiles partnership program, we will not be able to accept that enrollment until your past due charges have been paid. Once your account is again in good standing, you may then enroll in the SkyMiles partnership program with GNG. If you would like to make a payment right away and enroll in GNG's SkyMiles partnership program at this time, call our Customer Care team (toll-free) at 855.4GNGMILES (855.446.4645) and we will take care of both requests.

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