Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how the gngHub program works? Explore the answers below.

Who is eligible for the Program?

Georgia Natural Gas’s real estate program, known as gngHub by Georgia Natural Gas, is open to any real estate professionals working for a GNG-approved real estate business and who create an account on the gngHub website.

What are the benefits of signing up for the Program?

First, you can earn Visa® Reward Cards for anyone your refer that becomes a Georgia Natural Gas customer and uses your unique member referral code when enrolling with GNG. Second, you will have access to special offers to share with your customers when they sign up for GNG natural gas service. Third, you can also request short-term natural gas service for vacant homes online using our QuickConnect Service located at Not only will you receive a 50% discount on your connection fees, you can place, manage and view the status of your orders 24/7.*

Who can earn Rewards?

Once you become a Member, you may start earning rewards by successfully referring new customers to GNG who occupy a residential home located in GNG’s service area. The person you refer must provide your unique member referral code when they sign up. Your referral code is located on your gngHub member profile page.

Who can I refer and how do I do it?

You can now refer clients, tenants, friends and family. That is anyone in your network, not just homebuyers.

How do I refer?

You will be able to quickly refer anyone to GNG via email, Facebook and Twitter directly from your dashboard on the gngHub website. You can also personalize and print an offer flyer from the website. Once you become a Member, you will be assigned a unique Referral Code, which you can share through these methods to earn rewards. Your referee will need to provide your unique code when they enroll with GNG for you to earn your reward for that enrollment. All referrals must conform to the Program Terms and Conditions.

How do my referrals enroll for service?

They can visit or call 1-888-258-5897. Make sure you provide them with both your promotion code and your member referral code because they will need both at the time of enrollment. Your specific program promotion code and your member referral code are listed on your member dashboard.

What is the difference between my promotion code and my member referral code?

The promotion code may be shared with anyone in your network so they may receive either bill credits, a discount or a Visa Reward Card when they enroll with Georgia Natural Gas, depending on the current promotional offer tied to that code. Your member referral code is unique to you. Any new GNG account that has your unique code associated to it and becomes active (begins burning gas for a minimum of 7 days) as described in the Program Terms and Conditions means GNG will reward you!

How will I know if anyone I referred established natural gas service with GNG and that I will be rewarded?

There are a couple of ways. You can log in to gngHub and click on MyRewards. You will see a list of addresses that have signed up using your unique referral code for the past 90 days. In addition, you will be notified by email when you’ve earned rewards and when your Visa Rewards Card is on the way. You should receive it within 10 days after the notification.

How do I earn Program rewards?

You may earn a Visa Reward Card for every referral that is a new GNG customer who becomes active with Georgia Natural Gas, in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions, and provided your unique referral code at the time of enrollment.

When can I expect to receive my Visa Reward Card(s)?

We send rewards weekly. You should receive your rewards 4-6 weeks after your referee becomes active with GNG. gngHub will send you an email to notify you that you've earned a referral reward and your Visa® Reward Card is in the mail.

What address will my Visa Reward Card be mailed to?

You choose where you would like your reward sent. Your Reward Card will be mailed to the address you entered in your gngHub member profile. This can be either a personal or office address. You may add or edit your rewards mailing address at any time.

Are there any conditions to earning Visa Reward Cards?

Yes. Your referral must provide your referral code at time of enrollment, the account must be a residential property located in GNG's service area, the referral must be referred through communication methods provided (email, Facebook, and Twitter) as specified at the Program website and in the Program Terms and Conditions, and your referee must have an active natural gas service account and burning gas with GNG for a minimum of 7 days.

How much can I earn?

You can earn as much as you like! However, GNG will require you to complete and submit a W-9 form to earn more than $500. You can upload a copy of this form under your user profile. Any future referrals above the $500 limit will not be eligible for a reward until we receive a W-9 and any earned referrals during this time will be lost. Members should contact their tax advisor to determine possible tax consequences. All offers are governed by the laws of Georgia. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

Can I earn a reward on my QuickConnect service requests entered through the gngHub website?

No. You cannot earn a referral on any natural gas service requested through QuickConnect.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the GNG real estate program or want to arrange a lunch and learn for my company?

Send us an email at with the best telephone numbers and times to reach you. We will do our best to get right back to you.

Can I refer myself?

Yes, you are eligible to earn a referral reward when you enroll for new natural gas service with GNG. You may use promo code REALTOR to receive bill credits or a discount on new service in your personal home.

What is QuickConnect?

QuickConnect is our online service request feature. As a member, you can place a turn-on service request for short-term natural gas service for vacant homes in our service area any time you need it. Plus you will save $30 off your connection fees. You can place, manage and view the status of your orders 24/7 on the gngHub website. Setting up natural gas service could not be any easier.

Can I use QuickConnect to turn on gas at my home?

No. Please do not try to activate service for your personal property through this site. If you need service for your personal residence(s), please click here to enroll now or call 1-888-258-5897.* Use the promotion code REALTOR to receive a discount on your home service.

How quickly will my service request be processed?

Once you completed the form QuickConnect form online, please allow GNG 48 business hours to process your service request.

How soon can you get the natural gas turned on?

Georgia Natural Gas will attempt to schedule your requested date with Atlanta Gas Light. However, please allow an additional 3-5 days for Atlanta Gas Light to complete the order. You can check the service request status anytime in your gngHub dashboard. GNG will notify you via email if we need additional information to complete the request.

Is there anything else I need to know about QuickConnect?

Yes, Atlanta Gas Light requires that water and electricity be turned on before natural gas service can be connected. Also, if the house is staged or if there is a lockbox on the meter, please add those comments under “additional instructions” to help expedite your order.

* Offer subject to QuickConnect and gngHub terms and conditions set forth at All price plans are subject to GNG’s terms and conditions of service. Offer limited to gngHub members submitting qualified QuickConnect online service requests through $30 service connection charge credit will appear on your first month’s bill. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

† Enrollment eligibility, price plan availability and actual customer service charge, deposit requirement and price per therm are subject to GNG’s credit and payment policies. See Georgia Natural Gas® for price plans and customer service charge ranges. All price plans are subject to GNG’s terms and conditions of service. GNG’s offer is a discount off of GNG’s Georgia PSC published prices for eligible plans and is limited to qualified new residential customers that are gngHub members and who enroll between 01/04/2024 and 12/31/2024 using applicable promotion code. Not all GNG price plans may be eligible for this discount and the amount of the discount may differ by price plan. To remain eligible for the discounted price, customer must remain on the selected price plan during the applicable period and pay all charges billed by the date due, or discount may be cancelled, in which case customer will continue to be billed at the applicable price plan rate without any discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer.