Terms of Service

e-Bill terms and conditions

Welcome to Georgia Natural Gas (“GNG”), and thank you for enrolling in e-Bill. This service allows you to review your monthly bill online, and make payments to Georgia Natural Gas electronically. This internet bill presentment and payment service is provided by our vendor, Fiserv. In order to enroll in the Georgia Natural Gas e-Bill service, you must accept the following Terms of Service. These Terms of Service apply exclusively to your use of the e-Bill program and paperless billing and do not alter in any way the GNG Terms and Conditions of Service, including Binding Arbitration and waiver of class action law suits, Disclosure Statements, or other agreements you have with GNG.

e-Bill Terms of ServiceYou confirm that you are the account holder or an authorized user on the enrolled account. You are responsible for all activities that occur using your e-Bill account, and are responsible for keeping your GNG User ID and Password confidential. You may only authorize e-Bill payments from bank accounts on which you are an authorized signer. If you lose your GNG User ID or Password, you should contact us by phone at 770-850-6200 or toll-free at 1-877-850-6200, email us at CustomerService@gng.com, or write to us at P.O. Box 440667, Kennesaw, GA 30160-9512. If you lose your login information pertaining to your bank or financial institution, or if you need to report a possible unauthorized transfer, you should immediately contact your bank or financial institution.

Payments/Fees: Except as described in the paragraph below, you will not be charged any additional fees by GNG for making payments through the e-Bill service, but your bank or financial institution may impose charges for your use of the e-Bill service to make payments to GNG. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of your current banking information and for payment of any charges imposed by your bank or financial institution as a result of your receipt and/or use of the e-Bill service.

If a payment to your e-Bill account cannot be completed or is refused because of insufficient funds, you agree that you are responsible for any fees that may be assessed to your GNG account by GNG under your account’s normal fee schedule, including late fees or returned payment fees. GNG will accept and process payments during regular business hours, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays observed by GNG). Payments submitted during other times will be processed during the next business day. Your bank or financial institution may have additional restrictions on when payments can be initiated.

Limited Liability: In addition to the Limitations of Liability in the GNG Terms and Conditions of Service, we will not be liable in the following circumstances and you may be responsible for any associated fees:

  • If GNG receives a payment authorized by you and the instructions that you input (e.g., payment amount or date) are erroneous or incorrect in any way.
  • If your bank account does not contain sufficient available funds for us to debit the account in the amount of the authorized payment.
  • The funds in your bank account are subject to an uncollected funds hold, legal process or any other encumbrance or claim restricting transfers at the time we attempt to debit your account for an authorized payment.
  • Circumstances beyond our control (such as fire, flood, web sites or other systems are not working properly, etc.) that prevent or impede the transaction, despite reasonable precautions.

Further, in addition to the Limitations of Liability in the GNG Terms and Conditions of Service, no indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages may be claimed, awarded or assessed against GNG in connection with the e-Bill program.

e-Bill Delivery: Your bank or financial institution will be responsible for sending the “bill due” e-mail that will inform you when it has received an e-Bill from GNG. You are responsible for paying your GNG bill(s) on a timely basis regardless of whether or not you receive an e-Bill or your bank or financial institution’s e-mail notification.

System Compatibility: The ability to receive e-Bill notices via e-mail notice requires an active e-mail address, internet connection, and compatible computing systems, as further detailed below in the Paperless Billing terms and conditions. If you experience difficulty accessing or viewing your e-Bill notice, please contact your bank or financial institution.

Privacy Policy: e-Bill is subject to GNG’s Privacy Policy. By enrolling in e-Bill, you accept and consent to the privacy practices (and any uses and disclosures of information about you) that are described in this Privacy Policy.

Unsubscribe: To unsubscribe from the e-Bill service, please contact your bank or financial institution enrollment site for assistance. If you choose to unsubscribe for this service, we will receive notification from your bank or financial institution, and you will automatically begin receiving a paper bill each month.

Paperless Billing: Upon your enrollment in the e-Bill service, GNG will discontinue the mailing of your paper statements. You understand that you will be enrolled in GNG's Paperless Billing service and will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail until you unsubscribe from the e-Bill service. In order to enroll you in Paperless Billing, GNG must provide certain disclosures to you that are required by law.

Consent to Receive Electronic Communications. GNG can only send you documents electronically with your consent. By enrolling in e-Bill, you affirmatively agree to receive and authorize GNG to send in an electronic format (1) monthly billing statements, (2) notices and authorizations under the GNG Automatic Bank Draft Payment Program and the e-Bill service, if you have enrolled in these programs, and (3) any information about changes to these documents that might affect you (collectively, the "Communications"). You further agree that we may discontinue sending paper Communications to you unless and until you withdraw your consent. You also affirmatively consent that your electronic assent on the GNG website or on our electronic documents has the same effect as if you signed in ink. We will send all electronic Communications to you (1) via e-mail, (2) by access to a website designated in an e-mail, or (3) by access to a website designated in advance for such purpose.

Withdrawing Your Consent. Receiving the Communications electronically is optional, and you may withdraw your consent to receive them at any time by unsubscribing from the e-Bill Service by contacting your banking enrollment site. If you withdraw your consent, we will revert your account to receive paper Communications after a reasonable period of time to process the withdrawal.

Updating Your Information. You must keep your e-mail address current with us. You must promptly notify us of any change in your e-mail address. You may update your account information by changing your preferences at (www.gng.com) or contacting us at 770-850-6200 or toll-free at 1-877-850-6200.

System Requirements to Access Electronic Information. In order to access, receive, and retain electronic Communications, you must have:

  • a computer or other device capable of accessing the Internet and receiving, displaying, and storing electronic Communications;
  • a valid e-mail address;
  • an Internet browser that supports 128 bit encryption;
  • sufficient electronic storage capacity on your computer's hard drive or other data storage unit; and
  • software which permits you to receive and access PDF files.

You will also need a printer if you wish to print out and retain Communications on paper.

Please note that some service providers block e-mail from senders who are not listed in contacts or on safe lists, so you may not receive your electronic Communications unless you specifically add GNG to your contacts or safe list.

Paper Communications. You have the right to receive a paper copy of any Communication that was sent to you electronically. You can obtain a paper copy free of charge by:

  • printing the Communications;
  • calling us at 770-850-6200 or toll-free at 1-877-850-6200;
  • sending an e-mail message to CustomerService@gng.com with your name, mailing address, and a brief description of the requested information; or
  • writing to us at P.O. Box 440667, Kennesaw, GA 30160-9512 with your name, mailing address, and a brief description of the requested information.

We reserve the right to provide you with a paper copy of any Communication that you have authorized us to provide electronically. There are certain Communications that by law we are not permitted to deliver to you electronically, even with your consent. So long as required by law, we will continue to deliver those Communications to you in writing. However, if the law changes in the future and permits any of those Communications to be delivered electronically, we will update this consent in order to cover those Communications as well.

GNG reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time. GNG reserves the right to deny access to the e-Bill program at its sole discretion.

Please print a copy of these Terms of Service for your records.