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Price Protection Guarantee

An easy way to protect yourself from rising natural gas rates, while still getting the benefits if they go down.

Price Protection Guarantee

The Price Protection Guarantee, only from GNG, takes today's Variable Select price per therm and guarantees you won't pay more per therm for 12 months, even if natural gas rates* go up. If they go down, so does your price per therm, so you still get the savings.

It's a Signature Service that takes today's Variable Select price per therm and guarantees that you will not pay a higher price per therm for 12 months.

Sign Up

Already a GNG customer? To sign up for Price Protection Guarantee, please call us at 770.850.6200(inside metro Atlanta) or 1.877.750.6200 (toll-free outside Atlanta) so that one of our representatives can assist you. Our hours are Monday-Friday from 7AM to 8PM, and Saturdays from 8AM to 5PM.

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How it Works

  • Sets a ceiling for your variable price per therm equal to the current Variable Select price.
  • GNG Signature Service Charge of only $0.99 per month for residential customers ($1.99 for commercial).
  • Lasts for 12 months but you can cancel at any time.
  • Guarantees you won't pay more per therm than the date you enroll, even if rates* go up.
  • If rates* go down, so does your price per therm.

Rate* - Price per therm for GNG standard variable price plan

Enrollment eligibility, price plan availability and actual customer service charge, deposit requirement, price per therm and actual Guaranteed Bill amount are subject to GNG’s credit and payment policies. See gng.com for price plans and customer service charge ranges. Guaranteed Bill amount does not include prorated service periods, taxes or one-time charges, which may include connection or late charges. All price plans are subject to GNG’s terms and conditions of service.

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