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At GNG, we know it is important that we do our part to preserve and protect the environment. We know that many of our customers care about this too. That’s why we are proud to introduce Greener Life, a new optional service that helps people like you offset the impact your natural gas usage has on the environment.

  • Offset your Carbon Footprint by making your gas usage Carbon Neutral.
  • There’s no contract - you can cancel your participation at any time.
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37,934,146 Pounds of CO2e offset by GNG customers.
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When you use natural gas to warm up your home, heat your shower, or cook, you add some greenhouse gases (GHG) to the environment. With GNG’s Greener Life program, you can help protect the environment by offsetting those greenhouse gases and making your natural gas usage carbon neutral.

Greener Life is an optional service from Georgia Natural Gas that helps people like you do their part for the environment for a small monthly fee. When you join Greener Life, GNG will calculate the amount of GHG your natural gas usage releases into the atmosphere and will purchase and retire carbon offsets to balance the impact of those emissions. In this way, you can feel good that your natural gas usage will be carbon neutral.

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Green-e Climate is an independent certification program for greenhouse gas emission reductions (carbon offsets) sold in the voluntary market. The Green-e Climate logo identifies carbon offsets that meet the program's high environmental and consumer-protection standards. For more information on Green-e Climate certification requirements, visit or email