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When you use natural gas to warm up your home, heat your shower, or cook, you add some greenhouse gases (GHG) to the environment. With GNG’s Greener Life program, you can help protect the environment by offsetting those greenhouse gasses and making your natural gas usage carbon neutral.

Greener Life is an optional product from Georgia Natural Gas that helps people like you do their part for the environment for a small monthly fee. When you join Greener Life GNG will calculate the amount of GHG your natural gas usage releases into the atmosphere and will purchase and retire carbon offsets to balance the impact of those emissions. In this way, you can feel good that your natural gas usage will be carbon neutral.

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What is Your
Carbon Footprint

Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, but when it is burned, it still releases some greenhouse gases (GHGs). In fact, the average Georgia Natural Gas customer contributes more than 4 tons of GHGs to the atmosphere each year from their natural gas usage.

Even when we do a lot to reduce our carbon footprint, most of us can’t reduce it to zero. By choosing GNG’s Greener Life program, you can feel good that you’ve made your natural gas usage carbon neutral.

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What is a Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsets are certificates created by projects that reduce, avoid, or destroy greenhouse gasses. Project owners can sell these offset certificates to expand their projects or create new ones. Each carbon offset purchased funds the reduction, or elimination of one metric ton (2,204 pounds) of carbon dioxide or equivalent gasses (C02e).

1 carbon offset equals the removal or capture of 1 metric ton of C02e from the atmosphere. Because different chemicals have different impacts on warming, C02e is used as the standard measurement for greenhouse gasses.
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Help Fund a Virtuous Cycle

When you participate in the Greener Life program, GNG will calculate the amount of greenhouse gasses you release due to your natural gas usage each month. Then we will retire an equal amount of carbon offsets on your behalf. Retiring a carbon offset on your behalf means that you are the only person that can claim the environmental benefit from that offset.

The more people who join Greener Life, the more carbon offsets GNG will purchase and retire. This will contribute to similar projects being developed, which leads to more GHG’s being removed from the atmosphere.


Holding Ourselves to
a Higher Standard

We believe it is important to do our part to preserve and protect the environment. We also believe it is essential we do that in an honest, transparent way.

We know that all of this can be confusing. A Carbon Offset? Greenhouse gasses? Co2e? That’s why we’ve gone an extra step to assure you that we are fully delivering on our promises. It’s why we are proud that our Greener Life program has been certified by Green-e® Climate, the leading independent certification program for carbon offsets sold in the voluntary market.

The Green-e® Climate logo provides a way to identify products that meet the program’s high environmental and consumer protection standards. For more information on Green-e Climate certification requirements, or to find certified products, visit www.green-e.org/climate or email climate@green-e.org .

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Moving Toward a
Greener Future

By participating in Greener Life, you are helping fund projects that are proven to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. All projects supported through Greener Life meet the highest standards for quality, monitoring, and independent verification. GNG is currently supporting the following project types in Georgia and Tennessee:

 Improved Forest Management: Forestry projects help purify land and water, prevent soil erosion, and sequester carbon. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and release oxygen into the atmosphere. One large tree can create a day’s supply of oxygen for four people.

Landfill Gas Capture: When organic materials decompose at landfills, they create methane and other greenhouse gases. In fact, landfills are the third largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States. Through recapture projects, these gases are collected, processed, and then converted to renewable energy.

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Greener Life Product Mix Label

Product Type
Landfill Gas Capture
/ Combustion
Improved Forest Management
Project Certification
Climate Action Reserve

American Carbon Registry
Project Location
Georgia, USA
Tennessee, USA
% of Product*
The emission reductions supplied were created in: 2017-2018

Visit a list of our projects here: http://www.gng.com/GreenerLife/projects. Green-e Climate is an independent certification program for greenhouse gas emission reductions (carbon offsets) sold in the voluntary market. The Green-e Climate logo identifies carbon offsets that meet the program's high environmental and consumer-protection standards. For more information on Green-e Climate certification requirements, visit www.green-e.org or email climate@green-e.org. *The percentages listed are prospective. Actual figures may vary. For more information on how much they can vary see the Price, Terms & Conditions.

Some of the projects our Carbon Offsets Program is currently funding:

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The Science of
Carbon Offsets

Burning natural gas creates greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. A single carbon offset represents the removal or capture of 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e) gases. Because different gases and chemicals have different impacts on the environment, CO2e is used as the standard measurement for greenhouse gases.

Natural gas is measured in therms. It is approximately the equivalent of burning 100 cubic feet of natural gas. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), burning 1 therm of natural gas contributes 11.7 pounds of CO2e to the atmosphere.

GNG will track the amount of therms of natural gas Greener Life customers use and will calculate the amount of CO2e released because of that usage. We will then retire an equivalent amount of carbon offsets. In this way, you can be sure your natural gas usage was made carbon neutral.


The burning of natural gas in your home produces CO2 and CO2e

GNG buys carbon offsets that represent the removal or capture of 1 metric ton of CO2 or a related amount of CO2e

1 Therm

Natural Gas


11.7 lbs

CO2e released into
the atmosphere

Let’s Do A Ton of Good

By participating in GNG’s Greener Life program, you’ll be taking a big step to protect the environment. You can also be proud that your natural gas usage is carbon neutral.

Why You Should Sign Up for Greener Life:

  • Offset your Carbon Footprint by making your gas usage Carbon Neutral.
  • There’s no contract – you can cancel your participation at any time.
  • Know you’re making a difference with a Green-e® Climate certified program.
  • $499/moRESIDENTIAL
  • $999/moCOMMERCIAL

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