It's great to know the exact amount on your monthly gas bill—even before you open the envelope! Guaranteed Bill plan from Georgia Natural Gas® (GNG) gives you protection plus an easy way to maximize control of your budget for a full year—now that’s peace of mind you can count on.

Guaranteed Bill plan is a one-of-a-kind way to get control over your energy costs.

  • Get a guaranteed bill amount for a full year, regardless of fluctuations in weather or natural gas prices.
  • Enjoy security and protection against unexpected high gas bills caused by unusually cold weather.
  • Lock in now and have the confidence and convenience of knowing exactly what your gas bills will be for the next year.

Frequently asked questions

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How does GNG's Guaranteed Bill plan compare to other types of plans?

The Guaranteed Bill plan is a unique type of product, providing more security and convenience than any other plan in the market. No other plan protects you from high bills when the weather is cold. This plan guarantees that you will not be charged more, even in coldest months. In other words, this plan is weatherproof.

If you sign up on the Guaranteed Bill plan, fluctuations in weather or natural gas prices will not change your Guaranteed Bill amount for an entire year. You can have confidence in knowing exactly what your gas bills will be for the next 12 months and enjoy the security and protection against cold weather causing unexpected high gas bills. Click here for more information on how our Guaranteed Bill plan compares to other plans.

Can anyone sign up?

Some properties and customers may not have sufficient gas usage history, or the usage patterns at the properties may not allow us to accurately forecast normal gas usage patterns. In these rare cases, those properties and customers will not be eligible for Guaranteed Bill plan. GNG also considers credit and payment history.

How do you calculate my Guaranteed Bill amount?

GNG looks at your past gas usage, adjusts your usage to account for weather and then estimates the amount of gas you will use in the next 12 months. We then consider expected natural gas prices and other costs and market considerations to determine your annual amount. This amount includes your Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGLC) Base Charge, which are costs that are passed through directly from AGLC, the GNG Customer Service Charge and Gas Charge. This amount does not include taxes or one time charges such as connection or late charges. That calculation provides a total annual amount which is then simply divided by 12 to get your monthly Guaranteed Bill amount. To see an example of a Guaranteed Bill plan billing statement click here.

Will I save money on the Guaranteed Bill plan?

You may or may not save money on the Guaranteed Bill plan, but you will get peace of mind. Because no one can predict the weather and the changing price of natural gas, we created Guaranteed Bill so you don't have to worry about how those uncontrollable factors will affect your bill. We guarantee your amount regardless of what the weather does or how much the price of natural gas changes. Guaranteed Bill plan may not always save you money, but it will always save you from worry—and that peace of mind is priceless.

How is the Guaranteed Bill plan different than just signing up for a budget billing payment option?

Similar to Guaranteed Bill, budget billing provides you a flat monthly bill amount. However, with Budget Billing, if your gas usage is higher than expected or gas prices increase, you will be responsible for paying that variance amount through a reconciliation or "true-up." There will never be a true-up with the Guaranteed Bill plan. Additionally, with budget billing, your bill can be adjusted at any time due to extreme market conditions. With the Guaranteed Bill plan, you pay the same flat amount each month for a full year, GUARANTEED!

Will my Guaranteed Bill Charge change during the 12 months of my contract?

No. GNG guarantees that your charge will remain the same for each standard service period during the 12 months of your agreement, regardless of changes in gas prices or weather. But please note that in some instances, such as when you are establishing new service or changing providers, your service period may be outside of the standard 27-33 days. If that happens, we will prorate your bill to reflect a more accurate amount for the time period of the bill. Click here for more information about proration.

What is Proration and why does GNG do it?

Your gas meter is generally read on a regularly scheduled basis by AGLC. Typically, the time between meter readings (called "service periods") is 27-33 days. As long as your service period is within that normal range, we will charge you your Guaranteed Bill amount regardless of how much gas you use that month. However, sometimes other factors, such as when you start new service with us, can cause your service period to be less than 27 days (or greater than 33 days). We don't think it would be right to charge you a full Guaranteed Bill amount for an unusually short time period. For example, if you start with GNG on the 1st of the month, and your meter is read on the 3rd, this service period would be only 3 days. In those instances, your bill will be prorated to reflect the actual duration of your service period.

If your billing period spans longer than 33 days, it will also be prorated. Click here for more information about proration.

If I enroll on the Guaranteed Bill, plan can I use as much gas as I want?

At GNG we do not encourage the wasteful use of gas. The flat guaranteed amount you are given is calculated based on your historical usage patterns. However, we understand that your gas use will change as the weather changes over the next 12 months. If it's very cold, of course you will use more gas than you normally would. With Guaranteed Bill, we expect that, and you will be fully covered.

Excessive changes in consumption not related to the weather are not considered normal usage on the Guaranteed Bill plan. Examples could include adding an addition to your house, heating a new pool all winter, or turning your house into a "sauna" by setting your thermostat to an unusually high temperature. In extreme cases, if a customer used significantly more gas than we would expect given the weather, we reserve the right to terminate you from this plan and put you on our standard Variable Select plan. Again, increases in use due to cold weather are included with your plan and you will never be terminated because you used more gas due to extreme cold. However, excessive changes such as those listed above are not included in your plan. More details are available in your disclosure statement which is a part of your welcome letter.

What happens after my Guaranteed Bill plan expires?

If you sign up on the Guaranteed Bill plan, GNG will notify you before the end of your agreement. At that time, you have the option of calling in and enrolling on the Guaranteed Bill plan again, if eligible, or signing up for one of our other products. If you do nothing, you will automatically be placed on our standard Variable Select plan which does not require a contract, so you can choose another plan at any time.

Will my Guarantee Bill Charge change if I re-enroll after 12 months?

When you call back to renew, we will confirm your eligibility and recalculate your Guaranteed Bill Charge. We will estimate the amount of gas you will use in the subsequent 12 months based on your most recent usage patterns, and accounting for the impact of weather during that time.

Your newly quoted Guaranteed Bill amount may be different than your previous Guaranteed Bill amount based upon multiple factors including gas prices at that time, and your new predicted usage. Please note, any changes to your quoted Guaranteed Bill amount will NOT include a “true up” from your prior 12 months. After receiving your Guaranteed Bill quote you will have the option of reenrolling on the Guaranteed Bill plan or selecting another one of our price plans.

If you have changed your heating patterns excessively, it may affect your ability to re-enroll on the Guaranteed Bill Plan. After all, if we can’t predict your usage, we can’t offer you a new guaranteed amount.

What happens if I choose to cancel this agreement?

If you choose to leave the Guaranteed Bill plan more than 45 days before the agreement is over, you will be charged an Early Termination Charge. This charge is intended to compensate GNG for losses and expenses we estimate we will incur as the result of this cancellation. Please click here for more information about Early Termination Charge amounts.

Can I sign up my small business on the Guaranteed Bill plan?

Many small business customers are eligible. Please call us toll-free at 877-850-6200 to check eligibility and get a free no obligation quote for your Guaranteed Bill Charge.